Saturday, April 30, 2011

Hair Tutorial: Bed Head Wave Artist Tutorial

Hi everyone! Here is my hair tutorial for the Bed Head Wave Artist.  I hope you guys like it because it nearly placed me in my grave. =[ The process of editing and uploading this video took about a total of 5 hours.  I also had to restart when I nearly finished. Anyways, I did my hair in a rush so you want the waves to be tighter, just hold the waver in place for a longer amount of time.  I held the waver in for about 3 seconds.      


Hair Tutorial: Inverted Side Braid

 I have always loved side braids but it wasn't until recently that I actually started wearing them.  You see, if you have dark hair like I do.  You can understand that braids just blend in and do not show very well.  Well, I'm here to save your day if you have not discovered the inverted braid =]  It's the same method as a normal braid but it's inside out.      


Bed Head Deep Waver

With the weather finally warming up a little, I decided to go on a quest to find a new way to get beachy waves. I've already tried different braiding techniques that require no heat and also the Remington Airwave Hair Dryer.  The result were good but I found that it was not consistence.  So recently I was looking into purchasing a 3 barrel waver and I ended up buying the Bed Head Wave Artist.  It is also known as the Bed Head Deep Waver.  I will post a video review below and links to where you can purchase the waver ♥



Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Forever21 Haul

Can you believe it's almost the end of April already? The view from my bedroom window tells me otherwise.  Why? because I live in Buffalo, home of the cold and snow.  From the months of November to the end of March, I live in a winter wonderland that isn't very wonderful for the majority of the time.  Lately, it has been snowing and raining so I feel like spring is never going to come. :(

On a better note, I've been doing some major spring shopping to help lift my mood.  I bought some items from Forever21 just recently but most were from a month or two ago.  A few are from the store but it's safe to say that most of it was from the website.


Items Mentioned: 
Springtime Dress -size small (here)
Peggy Woven Dress -size small (here)
Shimmer Floral Tiered Dress -size small (here)
Crepe Lace Trim Dress -size small (here)
Braided Leatherette Sandals -size 5 (here)
Braided Suedette Sandals -size 6 (here)       
Black Denim Shorts -size 25 (here and similar here)


 And for those who want a closer look at my makeup ♥

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Skin79 BB Cream

Hi everyone! I've been dying to try out BB Creams for a while now.  The first time I heard about this product was from one of my favorite bloggers (fromheadtotoe).  For those who have yet to discover BB Creams.  Its similar to a tinted moisturizer and has the coverage of a foundation.  Unlike the cakey texture of normal foundations, BB Creams give you a natural look and does not clog your pores.  They also have benefits like whitening, anti-aging, and most importantly SPF.  Different BB Creams have different benefits.  Unfortunately, most BB Creams do not come in many shades.

Today I'm reviewing the Skin79 BB Cream.  I bought the BB Cream about a month ago from  Sadly,  it wasn't love at first sight.  If you watch the video below you'll find out why.  It took some time but now it has become an essential product in my daily routine.

If you're interested in the Skin79 BB Cream, you can check it out here

A Beginning

Hey guys! This my first and officially blog post so I'm super excited.  Since this blog is mostly dedicated to beauty and cosmetics.  I think it would be appropriate to provide you with information about my physical appearance.

1. I am full Vietnamese and I'm very proud of where I came from

2. With that being said, I am tiny (4'11" to be exact) or according to my family members I'm fun sized =]  

3. I have dark brown eyes and black hair that is very coarse and refuses to curl

4. My shoe size ranges from 5 to 6

5. My skin tone is medium during the winter and a little on the darker side in summer

6. I have dry combination skin