Monday, April 30, 2012


I am in a frenzy with all the prom preparation and AP exams coming up soon.  It's been so crazy and I just am just looking forward to May 15th, when my exams are over.  This school year went by fairly fast for me which is a very good thing.  I am really looking forward to branching out and meeting new people in college.  I hope you all have had more of a peaceful spring time.  I definitely am looking forward to nice summer dress weather...ahhh just thinking about it makes me smile :)......but right now I'm catching up on some much needed sleep with my lovely AP Calculus textbook. 


  1. Hey you're back! Can you believe that AP exams are coming up so soon already? I'm not even closed to prepared, especially with AP Calculus :( Where will you be going for college? Or which region of the US (assuming that you are from the US)

    1. HI :) I can't believe it's next week either! I'm not the same boat... not prepared at all. I'm going to the University of Rochester next year.