Friday, December 23, 2011

Product Review: Elle Bang Confidential Brushes

A while back, Elle Bang was having a sale on many of their brush products.  I never heard about them before so I decided to pick up the All Natural 12 Piece Set.  This has been the biggest brush regret purchase so far for me.  I love raving about makeup products but there really isn't a lot of good that I can say for these brushes. On the good side, the shipping was very fast and customer service was decent.  I really appreciated how Elle Bang was willing to remedy the situation by sending me replacement brushes but I was still unhappy with the product itself in the end.

So to start, I ordered the All Natural 12 Piece Set and when I received my order I was missing several brushes.  Including, a contour brush, a concealer brush, and also the lip brush.  I didn't realize that I did not receive the lip brush until later on when I checked out the website again.  The foundation brush was synthetic too which I don't understand because they were all suppose to be natural.  All of the brushes shed like crazy, I think I almost cried from frustration when I used them on my face.  I contacted the founder of Elle Bang through their Facebook page because I was unable to email or call them. She answered quickly and was very helpful.  She sent me replacement brushes but I didn't like them any better.  I won't be purchasing any Ellen Bang products anytime soon but I do appreciate the customer service.

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