Saturday, December 24, 2011

Product Review: La Femme Blushes

Hey everyone! This entry is extremely late, actually I think it might a two or three sorry everyone! >_<  I bought this La Femme Blush palette a couple months ago during the summer when I watched a review video from gossmakeupartist.  I personally think these blushes are amazing and highly pigmented, to point where to it might be wayyyy too pigmented.  The only downfall that I found to these blushes is the fallout of the blush and it is very powdery.  The next best thing about these blushes is their price.  I'm pretty there are other places to purchase these blushes but I went to Makeup Mania.  Each blush costed about $2.50 (What a steal!!) I'll link their website below.

Colors: (Left to Right) Cinnabar, Coral, Coral Spice, Soft Beige, Heather, Red, Mandarin Red, Pink Velvet, Mocha, Peach, Peach Sparkle, and Terracotta 

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